Only An Act Of God

Ever been part of something that only God could have done? It’s 1978 (or thereabouts). My very first year in vocational Christian ministry as a high school director for some 60 wonderful kids. The Baptist church I’m a part of hosts its annual evangelistic crusade. The hired evangelist is scheduled to preach Sunday AM, PM, and then Mon-Tue-Wed evenings. At the Sunday AM service the church people decide if we like the guy enough to invite our friends. Same drill every year. Usually falls flat on its face.

Not this year. I rush from teaching our high schoolers during the Sunday School hour to the 11 AM service. We start singing a couple hymns. I start weeping. WHAT?! Something’s afoot here. The evangelist starts preaching. Actually, he just turns his tattered Bible from passage to passage and reads them to us one after another. The Spirit’s presence is palpable, like you could almost touch God or something. By the end of the crusade on Wednesday night, 100 high schoolers had walked the aisles. I about wore the tires off my VW Bug following up on ‘em all the next week. On Thursday AM, at staff meeting, Barney Andrews, our beloved Senior Pastor, says, “I have never experienced anything like that in 35 years of ministry.” And I get to be a part of it during my first year as a youth worker? Amazing. And I want to see it happen again!

In fact, I challenged our congregation at OCF to pray this year for Jesus to do something in our church that we could only explain as an act of God. At our elder meeting last Tuesday, I discovered that both Brandon (my co-pastor) and I were praying separately for exactly the same thing: 100 new converts at Oceanside Christian Fellowship during 2010. Since we probably only had a half-dozen during 2009, that would truly be an act of God. I say BRING IT ON! What say you?

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