Hello world!

Greetings! This is my first attempt at blogging. Not even quite sure what I’ll be doing with this site but, hey, I’ve got a new book coming out in August that I think people who are interested in church might find informative:


See ‘About’ button for more info. Or download a sample chapter at: http://bhpublishinggroup.com/leadership/church/books.asp?p=9780805447798

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8 Comments on “Hello world!”

  1. Denny O'Keefe Says:

    Someone has to be first to comment on your blog Joe. I’ve concluded that we don’t change all that much in life. My mother used to criticize me for pushing others aside while trying to be first all the time. So here I am – just nobody to push yet.
    If you haven’t read Joe’s materials on Church as Family I strongly recommend them. He is on to something big, i.e., practicing it versus just preaching about it.
    Denny O’Keefe, Pastor/Elder in Christ’s family

    • hellerman Says:

      Thanks for your kind words, Denny. [Denny is one my co-pastors at Oceanside Christian Fellowship, a dear brother in the Lord, and was one of the founding leaders of our church. Denny is one of my models in the Christian faith.]

  2. I LOVE blogging! You will too. I am so proud of you for starting this blog. Cannot wait to read your book!

    Congratulations Joe.

  3. James Petitfils Says:

    Joe (Dr. Hellerman),

    I am excited to see your new blog! You have so very much to bring to the table as both a world-class scholar in the Academy and servant-leader in the Church. I am not much of a blogger (or a face-booker, or a tweeter, or a googler, etc) but I can’t wait to follow your thoughts and insights on this blog! I look forward to getting my hands (and my church family’s hands) on the new book!

  4. Chuck Blais Says:

    Hi Joe,

    I am also new to blogging so we will learn to blog together.

    You are such an inspiration to me, you are such a great teacher and I learn so much when you preach. We are so lucky to have you and Brandon!!

    If your new book is just 1/2 as good as your sermons than it will be a smashing success.

    God Bless

  5. Marcus Says:

    Greetings Dr. Hellerman! I heard you on KKLA this afternoon and was so excited about the topic and your book because this concept of “community” as it relates to the Church has been burning in my heart for years. It was gratifying to hear many of my own meditations so eloquently expressed by you on the air.

    I recently read “Everybody’s Normal Till You Get to Know Them” by John Ortberg and “The Search to Belong” by Joseph R. Meyers, both of which provided valuable insight on the subject. The latter of the two books was the more technical and provocative in its view that the popular “small group” paradigm, while well intentioned, has been mostly unsuccessful in achieving community. Mr. Meyers’ makes valuable application of Edward T. Halls’ identification of four spaces of human interaction (1.public 2.social 3.personal 4.intimate), though in my estimation, his resulting conclusions failed to challenge many of the presumptions which the Church has absorbed from the secular culture.

    Just one of them you mentioned in your on air interview, was the uni-leader pastoral structure which almost all contemporary minitries are modeled after. I have experienced a working church structure in which virtually all members contribute in every service. This experience caused me to see scripture concerning the neccessity of every member of the body of Christ in a whole new light.

    Catalyzing abstract concepts into actual functioning community is of course the challenge. My most profound revelations on the subject have come not from the academic texts (as valuable as they are) but from interactions with people who are “the word made flesh” in ways I have never experienced before. At issue is whether true “Church” can be achieved without a radical departure from many of our cultural norms. You expressed the root of the issue on the radio by affirming Jesus’ call to discipleship included transposing our devotion from natural familial and social allegiances, to Him and His body.

    By the way, I was in your New Testament class at Biola several years ago though you probably won’t remember me.


    • hellerman Says:

      Hi, Marcus,

      Thanks for your thoughtful input. I can only response with, “Agree! Agree! Amen!”— expecially the part about genuine Christian community being ‘caught’ in the context of interactions with God’s people rather than ‘taught’ through the medium of a textbook.

      I appreciate the post, Marcus. I don’t have the time I need to keep the conversation going on this blog, so hopefully comments like yours will get a lot of people thinking AND contributing!

      By the way, I just may remember you quite well, that is, if you are the ‘Marcus’I had in Intro to Exegesis, who is planting the church in Orange. If not, glad you remembered me, anyway!

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